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"Cordial Meridian", 2003, A.J. Kaufmann.

My paramour and friend
Took a ride with me
Sheltered in a rainbow
Flowing like the wind

Motorway through the clouds
Intimidating forces
Maelstrom of egos
Turning people into corpses

But I’ll survive
I’ll magnify
A metal jackal
Hormonal flight

Gallons of blood
Galleons of light
Cabinet of morphine
Anorexic eyes

Fast lane reactor in the center of the city
Modern times temple, a place of our meeting
Connecting to the core with our cerebral wires
Gliding through the skyline, Kathmandu take me higher
Automaton eyes, once full of life
Clairvoyant service, edge of the knife

Cardiac explosion
Battery corrosion
Cardiac explosion
Battery implosion

Cordial meridian
Atmospheric travel
Cordial meridian
Mysteries unraveled

"Souls Married to the Wind", 2003, A.J. Kaufmann.

We’ll never get off of the highway
We’ll never forsake our tracks
We were born to move eternal
And we’re never, never turning back

We’re keeping our minds wide open
And our eyes cannot be trimmed
Cause we know who we are, and we know where we’re going
We’re souls married to the wind

We’re keeping our arms wide open
No shackles you can put on truth
We’re souls married to the wind
And we do just what we wanna do

We’ll never compromise with the noise
We’ll never stop playing in tune
With our music we can reach the solar bottom
Within seconds climb the mountains of the moon

We’re keeping our eyes wide open
And your lies aren’t worth two blunt pins
Cause we know who you are, and we know that you want
Put an end to souls married to the wind

But we’re keeping our eyes wide open
You won’t put death’s shackles on us
We’re the spirits you feared the most
In the early morning Woodstock dust

Yeah, we do what we want, while you do what you must
Through the cosmic prison bars we sing
No, you just can’t buy our trust
As long as our guitars have strings

"Stylus", 2003, A.J. Kaufmann.

The song you sang was so quickly over
But in our heads the meaning remains
From these old LPs we learned so much
We’ve changed

The music you played, full of heart
Unbroken urge to live
Our songs are just a tribute now
It’s all we can give

We love you
We miss you
More and more each day
In a different way
You’re here
With us today
We love you
We miss you
Where have you gone
To a different kind of sound, I guess
A different kind of world…

Still the feeling we get from the sapphire haze
The vinyl cut, the diamond head
Too gentle to stop, it forever vibrates
We sit here
We wait
In a smoky room
On the meadow bed
Sabbath curtains shine
In the magnet head
Herb and gramophones
Tea and India ink
Windows on the south side
Open to the wind

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