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No Setting Sun Endings

No setting sun endings…
no better occasions
no rewind, no fuckin’ fast
no leap into deeper sands
or cactus on urban deserts
no smells of yours on
no smells of yours in the bar

No setting sun endings…
no terror on left side of heaven
no heaven on right side of
no tough men in sight
no changin’ horses
no chokin’ coyote’s howl
no Americana true dawn

No setting sun endings…
no happy trails
no St.Vitus dancers
no Felina’s cantina
no crossroads
no better time than this here

No setting sun endings…
no parking breaks
no key cards
no Pollyannas
no Muzak
no prefix, no 580
no partnership in the firm
no literacy given…

No setting sun endings
no Eastwood still standing

Resurrecting Dead Sleep’s Sculptures

Resurrecting dead sleep’s sculptures
is a no good occupation
yet the only one
I can afford

I’ve changed my rooms
beside that
I’m still alone

the rippled faces come always near midnight
& promise
death’s beauty

come shinin’ through green curtains
& a strange delicate sun’s
last red

you’ve changed your clothes
beside that
you’re still empty

a little red ball that’s jumping up
no, not the sun…

clawing at poetry’s high door
while having nothing to offer…

I’d rather remain alone
I really like this new room

the rippled faces keep callin’:
spirits of my true lovers

All Ships Come To Doom’s Ragged End

All ships come to doom’s ragged end
like occasional
masts like butter-smeared wings
the thick heavy beads
of a haven
all captains are heartless here
& what did you expect…

the butterfly’s tongue pierces your ear
like Noe
at first day of flood
the day it turned out
he was not a madman…
he was not
while constructing his
fuckin’ thing…

his ship’s come to doom’s ragged end
the captain broken-hearted
still smiling at the raven’s
chance of
found land & a rainbow
where most of us get bogus buckets
for salty water

we’re mad hatters here, politely
still not at doom’s ragged end
but I promise
we’re getting closer
& when none are left to
cry out
"Land ho!"
& rats have already abandoned
then we’ll know if it’s finally home
not perhaps doom’s

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